The Surprising Benefits of Jumping on Trampolines

The Surprising Benefits of Jumping on Trampolines

August 12, 2021

Are you considering creating an indoor playground or adding to what you already have? If so, consider a trampoline. Trampolines attract kids of all ages and are one of the best forms of exercise at an indoor playground. Kids and parents alike will thank you. Let’s take a look at the surprising benefits of jumping on trampolines.

Low Impact

Jumping on a trampoline exercises the entire body without putting extreme impact on our joints. Because of the soft surface and give in the trampoline, our joints receive minimal impact even though we are working nearly every part of our body.


Getting the heart rate up is great for the cardiovascular system. It burns calories and keeps our hearts and lungs strong. While jumping and giggling on a trampoline, the cardiovascular system is receiving health benefits.

Your Core

Don’t like sit-ups? No problem! The trampoline takes care of your core because your body uses all of its abdominal strength to help you jump. Even kiddos are increasing core strength when they jump on trampolines. Core strength not only creates a strong core but a strong back and better posture.


Thanks to the steady movement, our bodies’ circulation systems get a workout as well—just one more of the surprising benefits of jumping on trampolines. Better circulation means a healthier heart, kidneys, and brain.

Motor Skills and Coordination

For younger children, regularly jumping on a trampoline improves gross motor skill development and coordination. Our large muscle areas are put to work when bouncing and flipping on the trampoline. Also, coordination is necessary when watching out for others on the trampoline and performing tricks or even simply bouncing.

It’s Just Plain Fun

Do we need more reason than the fact that jumping on trampolines is just plain fun? Kids sure don’t. If your activity center has a trampoline, the children will show up, and parents will be grateful the kids are exercising while having fun. Exercising and laughter both release endorphins in our system, which bring us feelings of joy. On the trampoline, exercise and laughter are combined, creating the perfect fun and healthy scenario.

We hope you’ll consider a trampoline for your indoor playground now that you’ve seen the many benefits. At Go Play Systems, we offer a bouncy air trampoline along with many other choices in indoor playground equipment. Contact us, and we’ll help you build an indoor playground that lasts for years and keeps your customers happy and healthy.