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The Most Common Indoor Playground Themes

August 24, 2021

Indoor playgrounds are great for any business, including daycares, schools, restaurants, and a business all their own. They keep kids busy, provide exercise and socialization, and give mom a break. In this article, we’ll enjoy looking at the most common indoor playground themes. Let’s get started.

Do You Need a Theme?

Kids enjoy themes because it makes an already fun event even more fun. Birthday parties, classroom parties, and even indoor playgrounds are more interesting with a theme. Themes spark imagination and get the children immediately playing and having a good time.

The Most Popular Themes

Themes can be anything you imagine. You may live in an area where a specific theme makes sense. For example, an indoor playground near the ocean is perfect for a beach theme, while a playground in a city’s space museum needs a space theme. As you consider your own design, knowing the most common indoor playground themes is a good start in deciding. Here are the most common themes:

Pirate Ship

Ahoy maties! Kids love climbing through tunnels and jumping off the plank into a ball pit as they yell “Arrrgh” while playing pirates. Pirates never go out of style, and neither does the pirate ship theme.

Under the Sea

A few beloved Disney movies have made under the sea themes a big success. We love them because they bring so much color into an indoor playground.


Always a classic, the jungle themes are filled with exotic animals. Try pumping some jungle sounds into the playground as well for extra fun.


Treehouse themes are great for indoor playgrounds that offer heights for lots of climbing. They’re the perfect fit for rope ladders, tunnels, rock climbing walls, and slides.


Knights in shining armor and damsels in distress make the classic castle a blast for kids at an indoor playground.


Nothing suits giggling, running, full of energy children like a racetrack theme. Steering wheels, tunnels, and long winding slides become the world’s fastest track as children pretend while playing.

How To Create a Theme

It’s one thing to come up with an indoor playground theme, but it’s another to design it. Thankfully, there are companies that do the designing for you. Using techniques such as hand-painted murals, flooring, vinyl prints, and wall coverings in 3D, indoor playground specialists can design your vision and make it a reality.

At Go Play Systems, we specialize in making those visions come to life. We offer commercial playground parts, as well as custom playground themes. Contact us or browse our online store for more ideas and all your indoor playground needs.