Signs Your Playground Hardware Needs Replacement

Signs Your Playground Hardware Needs Replacement

September 8, 2021

Playgrounds are fun additions to children’s play areas. Therefore, it’s essential to keep them properly maintained and inspected regularly. When examining the overall condition of the structure, be aware of the signs your playground hardware needs replacement.

Weather Damage

Playgrounds are susceptible to weather damage. Heavy snowfall, excess rain, and summer heat play a role in the durability of the hardware. After extreme weather, check hardware and surfacing material. Rotten boards, rusted metal, cracks in the plastic, and loosened bolts are signs of weather damage equipment. If the materials are damaged beyond basic repairs, it’s time to replace them.

Broken Equipment

Broken equipment is an immediate sign your playground hardware needs replacement. Therefore, the structure is no longer suitable for recreational use. In addition, due to its nature, the area is also identified as a safety hazard. Purchasing quality commercial playground equipment parts reduces the risk of injuries and accidents. Ultimately, replacing faulty material is one of the most effective ways to minimize mishaps and extend the playground’s lifespan.

Constant Repairs

If playground equipment constantly needs repairs, it’s a sign the hardware needs replacement. The lifespan of the average playground is eight to ten years, but if the material is poorly maintained, the pieces need replacement sooner. Likewise, if hardware pieces need repairs several times throughout the playground’s lifespan, it’s best to opt for a new unit.

Missing Parts

Missing parts of a playground is hazardous, especially if the parts are irreplaceable. Trying to obtain specific pieces is difficult because they’re typically sold in units. You want to avoid sacrificing vital components to cut corners. No matter how small or large the part is, it’s time to replace the whole unit. When pieces are absent a total replacement is the safest option because a tampered playground structure is a considerable safety risk. The owner of the playground is also liable for any injuries occurred on malfunctioning equipment.

Go Play Systems prioritizes safety in all playground structures and understands the importance of quality hardware. From pipes to accessories, we have a wide selection of merchandise for you. We’re here to install fun and safe playground units for children to enjoy by providing excellent equipment. If you have any questions about our products, give us a call today!