Toddler Areas

Toddler areas are an essential component to a successful indoor playground if some children will be under the age of 3. Toddlers are safer away from older kids. Younger children are still developing balance and may not be as steady on their feet or as fast as older kids. Older children playing around younger ones can accidentally push them over or cause them to topple. Our indoor gym equipment for toddlers allows younger kids to play with others of their own age, which is safer.

Age-appropriate play equipment is important. Indoor jungle gyms for toddlers are designed to encourage development in children under the age of five. Gyms and play spaces for older kids may not be as accessible or as appropriate for younger kids. At such young ages, children are developing rapidly and need age-appropriate play equipment to help shape their development!

Indoor play equipment for toddlers appeals to toddlers. Gym equipment for older kids may not entertain younger children. Equipment designed for toddlers has softer edges and brighter colors specifically designed to attract this age group.

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Indoor Playground Designs Including Toddler Areas

Toddler Area's can be incorporated in to virtually any indoor playground design, keeping the little ones safe from the bigger kids.

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