How To Design an Indoor Playground for All Ages

How To Design an Indoor Playground for All Ages

July 27, 2021

Indoor playgrounds are not just for kids; they have the potential to be suitable for teenagers and adults, too! Trying to understand how to design an indoor playground for all ages that encourages play between parents may bring them back to your location again and again. You may also expand your customer base, resulting in more traffic for your indoor playground.

Add Variety

Making sure that you have a wide variety of things to do at your attraction is vital. To appeal to all ages, you must incorporate interactive toys in your playground, including tunnels and climbing structures such as rock walls, and high ropes courses. Some indoor playgrounds even include laser tag, bowling, and an arcade area as well.


To foster a toddler’s development, they must have access to toys that will:

  • Boost their imagination.
  • Allow them to explore their environment in a safe and fun way.
  • Strengthen their cognitive and motor skills.

You may add indoor playground toys such as themed structures like:

  • A pirate ship or a train.
  • Musical instruments like drums and shakers.
  • Ball pits that allow them to expend their full energy into the activity.


Since teenagers already have established motor skills, they will need playground toys that focus on refining their mental health and social skills; teenagers need something that will pull them away from their electronic screens. Some good toys for teenagers may include:

  • High ropes courses
  • Laser tag
  • An obstacle course

These activities will provoke them to face their fears, create strategies using critical thinking, and interact with their peers.


Parents only visit indoor playgrounds when they are with their children or attending a birthday party, but adults like to have fun, too! To appeal to adults, you may want to add bar-type entertainment such as:

  • Karaoke
  • Billiards
  • Darts

Keep Safety in Mind

A vital aspect of operating an indoor playground is providing a safe space for your customers to have fun. You will also want to enforce a strict cleaning policy at your location to prevent bacteria from spreading on your playground.

If you are ready to design an indoor playground for all ages, visit Go PlaySystems and find out how they can help you with your commercial playground equipment installation today!