Tips for Choosing a Theme for Your Indoor Playground

Tips for Choosing a Theme for Your Indoor Playground

July 12, 2021

Themes make an indoor playground more fun for children. As soon as they walk in, a theme sets the mood for the day. The toughest part is choosing a theme since they are all so fun. To help you along in your design process, let’s take a look at our tips for choosing a theme for your indoor playground.


Location plays a big role in choosing a theme for your indoor playground. Where is the playground located? Is it in the middle of a city, near a beach, or in a small rural town? The area in which the playground lives can give hints for possible themes. Here are a few ideas according to location:

  • Beach theme with water and shells painted on the walls
  • City theme with skyscraper pictures and LED lights throughout the building
  • A play tractor for kids to sit on near the playground equipment, along with farm murals surrounding the playground


Some themes require big ideas, but the center itself doesn’t have big space. Check out the space of your indoor playground before choosing a theme.


If the budget is tight, you don’t want to choose a theme that costs a lot of money. Plan on investing in the theme for sure—just don’t plan anything too elaborate if you can’t afford it. Paint on the walls and some fun pictures go a long way.

The Customer

Who is going to visit your indoor playground? Is the age bracket toddlers and preschoolers, or more like elementary-aged children? The theme needs to suit the most common age group of your customers. Toddlers may enjoy an “ABC” theme, but eight-year-olds may prefer something more grown-up, like a super-hero or racecar theme.

What’s Trending?

Classic themes are great because they don’t need to change as time goes on. Still, kids enjoy seeing the latest trends, even at a young age. Pay attention to what’s popular in the community among children. What shows are they watching? Who are they dressing up as, and what do they like to play? When choosing a theme, send out a poll to parents and get their opinions. They know their children better than children know themselves.

In conclusion, there are endless possibilities for choosing a theme for your indoor playground. Seek the advice of local parents, understand the community and who will visit your center, then get creative from there. For more advice about indoor playgrounds, contact Go Play Systems or visit our online store for information about commercial indoor play structures. We are here for all your indoor playground needs.