The Benefits of Learning Walls in Indoor Playgrounds

The Benefits of Learning Walls in Indoor Playgrounds

March 15, 2021

Indoor playgrounds and activity centers are a lifesaver for parents and caregivers, especially when an outdoor park is not feasible. The benefits of learning walls in indoor playgrounds make the playground helpful in more ways than just physical. Mental stimulation and social interaction are an added perk of learning walls.

What Is a Learning Wall?

A learning wall at an indoor activity center or playground offers children an opportunity to slow down and experience sensory activities on their own or with other children. They take the focus of the playground from just physical activity or fun games and entertainment to education and creative development.

They are designed to allow children to explore shapes, numbers, textures, and many other ideas through touch. Children are naturally curious and will easily use their sense of touch to examine and gather information.

Mental Stimulation

Every indoor playground learning wall is designed with different activities, but they all have the same goal in mind—to stimulate the developmental growth of children. Whether through a wall maze that children follow along with their fingers or beads that can be lined up in order, learning walls allow children to play while using their minds and senses to discover.

Social Interaction

Learning walls tend to draw a crowd, and that’s an important benefit of learning walls in indoor playgrounds. Children are naturally curious. When they see something different going on, such as another child suddenly standing still and playing with something, they want to follow suit.

Before you know it, one child playing at the learning wall will easily turn into a few children talking and figuring things out together. Many learning walls offer activities that work well with more than one child, which easily fosters a desire to work together and share.

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