Types of Indoor Playground Attractions

Types of Indoor Playground Attractions

April 1, 2021

Many businesses, including restaurants, museums, and daycares, offer indoor playgrounds to promote fun, exercise, and socialization for children. The different types of indoor playground attractions range from small to large, busy or quiet, and are always constructed for safe indoor use.

Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are designed to really let kids run off some steam (sorry grown-ups…kids only). These indoor courses usually consist of a variety of obstacles, all with the goal of encouraging constant movement.

Kids might run around cones, then have to use a slide to get to the other side, walk across a balance beam, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

Air Trampoline

Air trampolines are a huge hit with kids, which is no surprise since they allow for hours of nonstop jumping and laughing. More importantly, they are a huge hit with parents.

An air trampoline is safer than its counterpart, the outdoor trampoline, because it’s low to the ground and falls aren’t nearly as dangerous.

They can be quite large and the main focus of an indoor playground or smaller and off to the side. Either way, look for air trampolines on sale—they’re a worthwhile investment when creating an indoor playground design.

Ball Pit

Can an indoor playground exist without a ball pit for jumping, squealing, and hiding? Yes, it can—but not many do. The reason being kids love them. A benefit of the ball pit in an indoor playground is there can be a bigger one for older kids and a small one for toddlers.

Ball pits are often seen in restaurants because they provide hours of entertainment while mom and dad eat and can also be used as sufficient bribery to get kids to eat too.

They are a unique indoor activity that can be scaled down to fit yet still draw plenty of children in for fun.


Tunnels are great for constant movement and coordination practice with the twists and turns. A great perk of indoor activity tunnels is they can often be built upward to save space. That means excitement for kids as they crawl through tunnels getting higher and higher.

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