How To Clean Plastic Ball Pit Balls

How To Clean Plastic Ball Pit Balls

February 26, 2021

Activity centers are an excellent outlet for children to exercise and have fun. They are also beneficial to many businesses wanting to attract families. The main attraction of an activity center is often the ball pit. Kids of many ages can join in, and it is a blast getting lost in a sea of balls. Unfortunately, with so many kids in and out of such an activity, germs, dirt, and bacteria can run rampant, and it’s important to know how to clean ball pit balls. Most indoor playground equipment should be cleaned regularly, especially when it’s something that receives so much contact. In this blog, we discuss what materials to use to keep your facility clean and what tactics to implement. Keep your center safe with these steps on how to clean plastic ball pit balls.

How To Wash Ball Pit Balls

We break down how to clean a ball pit into only a few easy-to-follow steps:

Remove the Balls

The first step is to remove all the balls from the ball pit. It is helpful to lay out a clean drop cloth or large sheet to spread them out.

Clean and Disinfect

There is bound to be plenty of dirt in the ball pit from sticky faces and dirty little feet. Germs and bacteria have also most likely made a home amongst the colorful ball pit balls, but there is a homemade cleaner you can use to disinfect the plastic ball pit balls.

To clean plastic ball pit balls, use a formula of bleach and water (1/3 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water) and spray down the balls. Keep an eye out for dirty spots that might need an extra spray or a wipe down with a clean rag.

Allow the balls to dry, then move them around and spray with the disinfecting spray again. This ensures all sides are getting clean.

Allow them to dry once more and move to a drying net if possible to aid in getting the balls completely dry.

Never place damp ball pit balls back into the pit, as this could cause new bacteria or mold to grow quickly.

Clean the Pit

There is no sense in cleaning the balls and placing them into a dirty ball pit. Before putting them back into the pit, clean the pit out in the same way you did the balls. Spray it down with the disinfecting spray and allow it to dry completely.

Now the balls and the pit can mingle again.

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