Commercial Ball Pits

Go Play Systems is proud to design and create amazing indoor playgrounds with ball pits. Ball pits are areas bounded by a small wall for care givers and parents to sit and view toddlers playing within the ball pit. Any large indoor play area can greatly benefit from a commercial ball pit!

Indoor playground ball pits are excellent for the development of toddler color, tactile feel and motor skills.

Ball pits can be any size, but the balls should be never deeper than about 20 inches for safety reasons.

Commercial ball pits should never…never be put at the end of a slide. This is very dangerous for young children and can lead to significant injuries.

Ball pits can come in a variety colors (over 12 colors available)

Ball pits require a significant amount of daily, weekly and monthly cleaning especially in the times of COVID-19

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    Buy Indoor Playground Equipment GPS650 -(Indoor Playsystem Size) 9 ft. H x 36 ft. W x 36 ft.

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    Buy Indoor Playground Equipment GPS271 -(Indoor Playsystem Size) 28 ft. H x 52 ft. W x 60 ft.

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    Buy Indoor Playground Equipment GPS382 -(Indoor Playsystem Size) 17 ft. H x 24 ft. W x 80 ft.

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