4 Factors to Consider When Buying Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale

October 27, 2020

Indoor playgrounds are a big attraction to children of all ages because they get to do what they love most – play and have fun. Playing boosts the psychological, physical, and cognitive development of a child. If you are looking to buy indoor playground equipment for sale to install in your Family Entertainment Center (FEC), you should consider the following factors.

1. The Size of Your Indoor Playground Systems and the Available Space

When buying indoor playground equipment for sale, it’s tempting to get the largest systems because they’ll offer more utility. As an entrepreneur, you figure that more children can play in a bigger commercial indoor play structure. That’s true and makes commercial sense. But have you first assessed the playground space available in your FEC? If you purchase indoor play structures for sale bigger than the space available, where will you fit them? Additionally, if the commercial playground equipment jams your center, the congestion may lead to accidents. Children, parents, and your workers may get tripped when walking around your FEC. The right size of indoor playground systems will leave enough space for every child and parent visiting your center to navigate safely.

2. Consider the Design of the Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale

Commercial indoor playground equipment comes in various sizes, shapes, and designs. Indoor play structures may be designed with a specific theme. For instance, the jungle, animals, spaceships, airplanes, or pirate ships are common themes. Other designs may be musical, educational, or naturalistic. There are many different designs to choose from. While it may feel overwhelming to select a unique and befitting indoor playground system, the following factors should guide you.

  • First, consider your clientele base. What is the average age of most children in your local area? You need to conduct some research. Some areas may have younger parents with younger children, while some may have an older population with older children.
  • Secondly, consider what designs of commercial indoor play structures your competitors have. Then you can build a unique playground that has equipment your competitors are missing.

The two factors will help you settle on the best indoor playground equipment design that will attract more parents and children to your family entertainment center. Knowing your customers well will help you select the right and unique designs of playground systems.

3. What is the Cost of the Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale?

Not all indoor playground systems are the same. For instance, the modern commercial indoor jungle gym will cost more because it has more indoor soft play equipment for the kids. The cost may also vary with the size of the playground equipment. Similarly, the more attractions a playground system has, the more it will cost. Some of the common attractions include air trampolines, ballrooms, crawl tubes, bolster climbs, corkscrew slides, maze panels, nerf foam balls, and trackless trains. The top manufacturers will easily design the ideal indoor playground system with all the attractions you want.

4. The Safety of the Indoor Play Structures

Ultimately, you should consider the overall safety of the indoor playground equipment. As an entrepreneur, you want more parents to bring their children to your FEC because they feel that their children’s safety is prioritized. Parents want to know that their children are safe every minute they spend in your indoor playground. Remember that about one-third of American families spend more than 20% of their household income on childcare. This means that your family entertainment center will be among the favorite places parents will bring their kids to play and have fun instead of engaging daycare and babysitter services. Therefore, you should ensure that your indoor playgrounds are safe for all kids to play in.

The decision to buy indoor playground equipment for sale is not one that you should make overnight and rush to a playground equipment manufacturer the next morning to buy. You need to weigh many factors, like the space available, the design of the playground equipment, and the cost and safety of your indoor playgrounds. A reputable manufacturer will supply you with top quality commercial indoor play structures.