Increase Your Gym’s Enrollment By Installing Indoor Playground Structures

October 29, 2020

If you’re looking to increase enrollment and retention at your health club or gym, understanding the needs of parents is a substantial factor in capturing part of your community’s market. Most families achieving the state median income struggles with childcare, spending 13% of their income to enroll a child during work hours. Leaving a child at a daycare center or with a babysitter while the parent is at the gym only adds on to that cost and creates a time-consuming inconvenience.

Supervised indoor playground systems can increase gym accessibility for parents and provide a healthy activity for their children. Especially on weekends, kids do not typically spend at least an hour of each day participating in moderate physical activity, as recommended by the American Heart Association, but having indoor playground equipment at your gym or health club facility can encourage kids to keep active along with their parents.

Like Parent, Like Child: Exercise Habits

Researchers tracking over 1,000 families discovered that children tend to participate in exercise-based activities when their families do. We often hear about kids repeating patterns of abuse, divorce, or alcoholism that their parents initiated. However, kids pick up on positive habits from their parents as well. Having an indoor playground can directly inspire children to follow this positive habit while combating the staggering national childhood obesity rate of 18.5%.

Routines are great for parents, too. If children get used to their favorite indoor playground equipment, they’ll beg mom and dad to take them to the gym. Plus, the presence of indoor playground equipment doesn’t require one parent in a two-parent household to stay home while the other gets to exercise: both parents can participate equally, even together, while their children happily play.

Indoor Playground Equipment Promotes a Routine and Sleep Structure

Routines are important for the whole family. It’s much easier for students to complete homework on time knowing there’s the reward of play, and a regular play or exercise routine also promotes healthier sleep patterns.

This isn’t a fact limited to children. Regular exercise in adults can prevent sleep apnea and promote deeper, more productive sleep. After a few weeks of exercise and play, the good habit will become routine and provide satisfying sleep for the entire family.

A Gym’s Indoor Playground System Can Be Safe

Indoor playground equipment has changed significantly in the last several decades. Commercial indoor playground companies now offer indoor soft play equipment and indoor playground systems geared towards safety and exploration. A safe experience for kids means parents can focus on their workouts and return to your gym. After all, they have entertained and hopefully worn out kids, and they’ll be more likely to see the results of their own fitness routines.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a playground kit or have indoor playground equipment assembled by professional installers in your gym, an indoor playground is a major bonus to parents. You can promote a healthy family lifestyle, positive sleep habits, and reduced childcare costs for your customers with children.