indoor playground for kids

The Benefits of an Indoor Playground for Kids

July 2, 2019

Indoor playgrounds for kids are rising in popularity, with dedicated indoor playgrounds appearing everywhere from churches and recreational centers to health clubs and dentists’ offices. It’s been proven that children who are physically active grow to be adolescents and adults who are physically active. And the importance of varied gross motor activity – such as using an indoor playground for kids – can have demonstrable benefits on the health and potential of children, especially children aged six and under. Many businesses are incorporating indoor playgrounds into their facilities, providing opportunities for parents to bring their children to work, providing physical enrichment for the children and saving money on childcare for the parents. With a third of families devoting a fifth of their income to childcare, a commercial indoor playground for kids can have broad and lasting benefits beyond the immediate and continuing health of the child. Following are some ways that an indoor playground for kids can have far-reaching benefits.

Indoor Playgrounds Provide Opportunities for Socialization

Children socialize best when they are engaged, self-directed, and in dynamic loose groups. An indoor playground provides opportunity for all of these. In many cases, children who use an indoor playground for kids find social interaction whether they visit paired or alone: they bond with children they hadn’t met at indoor playgrounds, socializing and being active.

Indoor Playgrounds Reinforce Creativity

As an indoor playground for kids will have no fixed objective besides vigorous physical play, and will often have problem-solving opportunities built into their obstacles and challenges, it will foster and generalize creativity like few other play opportunities. Children often use their time on an indoor playground to invent objectives and scenarios, and must problem solve to use climbing walls, obstacle courses, and other fixtures.

Indoor Playgrounds Reinforce Physical Fitness

As more and more children are exposed to tech devices such as smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles, their time at physical play is diminishing. And while outdoor play with its many opportunities for discovery and gross motor exercise was a treasured activity for generations past, it has been eclipsed by devices, changing times, and more directly-engaged children. An indoor playground for kids at your place of business or your dedicated family-play enterprise provides a safe, focused, and device-free indoor opportunity for active play. Indoor playgrounds keep children engaged and active with a range of possibilities: trampolines and bounce houses are popular, as are climbing walls, slides, ladders, jungle gyms, and themed obstacle courses.

An indoor playground for kids will have many lasting benefits for the children whose families do business or visit your facility. From physical to social and emotional to creative and cognitive. And they will benefit the families who work, do business, or visit your enterprise. Learn more about commercial indoor play structures for kids today.