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7 Guidelines for Indoor Playground Installation

July 5, 2019

Recently, kids have turned to televisions and video games, leaving the fun outdoor games to generations past. Unfortunately, this trend has contributed to a childhood obesity rate of 18.5% in the United States. Nonetheless, if you have health concerns for your kids and that of the community, you can start and run a commercial indoor playground.

A safe and fun indoor playground acts as a motivator for parents to bring their kids, and the kids will look forward to revisiting your site instead of staying at home for another day staring at screens. Consider installing indoor soft play equipment to attract and improve play value so that your potential clients keep visiting you for years to come.

Here are steps to follow while starting an indoor playground.

1. Size of Available Room

Use a measuring tape to take the dimension of your room. When you go shopping for your equipment, choose equipment that fits in the room and leaves space to occupy the number of your target kids (if installing equipment in a small space, see our suggestions here). Taking measurement ensures you choose the right available material in the market. Additionally, playground equipment is designed in different shapes. So, choose the right shaped equipment that won’t waste space.

2. Age of the Children

Different commercial indoor playground equipment excites a different age set of kids. Therefore, depending on your target audience, choose the right equipment. However, it is essential to select a machine that entertains a large group of kids to ensure you have vast potential clients.

3. Color, theme, and toys

Consider using primary colors, which include yellow, blue, and red. These are the colors that excite kids and stimulates their brain to play. Also, add a theme to your commercial indoor playground structure. Consider using a theme like jungle, ocean, and castles that stimulates kids’ imagination.

On the other hand, include toys that kids love to play with like tunnels and inflatable bouncer, to ensure the kids revisit the place.

4. Maintenance of Equipment

Each playground equipment is designed to last long. But, any material in use is open to wearing out and loosening. Also, germs build up on playing equipment which risks children’s health. Therefore, scheduled cleaning of that equipment is needed. Additionally, check for any loose bolt holding together the play equipment to prevent accidents. Replace or repair any damaged part of the machine.

5. The floor on Which You’ll Place Your Equipment

Rooms are designed differently, and on the other hand, some equipment is designed to stand on a smooth floor to maintain stability. Therefore, before purchasing equipment, consider the type of store you’re renting.

6. Safety of Equipment

Some equipment has sharp protruding edges. Find ways to protect kids from those edges or avoid the equipment. But, there is a solution to everything. Your supplier may have an answer to sharp edges.

7. Market your playground

Consider holding a grand opening where you invite kids and parents to experience your services. Once they enjoy the first day, they’ll look forward to revisiting the place. Also, you can market the ground via social media or on websites.

Take Away

It’s time to encourage kids to play in the field for the sake of their health. Therefore, open an indoor playground in your community and involve yourself in plays and games along the kids to ensure they enjoy, and each kid is involved.