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Indoor Playgrounds Are Keeping Kids Healthier

March 20, 2019

In the digital era, obesity and inactivity are becoming a serious problem for kids all across America. With the amount of technology kids have access to, fewer children are staying physically active, and this can actually harm their overall development. Studies have shown that it’s very important for children to stay involved in a variety of gross motor activities. Kids that don’t get this interaction in their first six years could face a lifetime of limited brain power.

However, in the fight to keep kids healthy, there’s an unexpected option that could help many stay safe and active: indoor playgrounds. Commercial indoor playground equipment gives many children access to environments where they can safely build their gross motor skills and stay physically fit.

The Importance Of Indoor Playgrounds

While many people take their playground experiences in childhood for granted, not all kids are so lucky. In many areas throughout the country, outdoor playgrounds simply aren’t a safe option. Weather conditions might mean that outdoor playgrounds are inaccessible year-round, or it’s possible that playgrounds are in unsafe areas, meaning kids will instead stay at home rather than going out to play. Commercial indoor play structures, on the other hand, are safely indoors, away from the elements or other environmental factors, allowing kids to develop their gross motor skills safely.

Potential For Parents

Improving children’s health isn’t the only benefit of indoor playgrounds; parents are able to benefit from indoor play structures as well. Parents in need of safe and affordable child care options often turn to indoor playgrounds as a means of keeping kids entertained. Traditional child care is incredibly expensive, and caring for children yourself requires time and emotional labor that some parents may be unable to provide due to their careers. Indoor playgrounds give parents a space for their kids to safely play, keeping them entertained and healthy, while they’re able to take care of chores, work, or other needs.

Indoor playgrounds are helping kids and parents everywhere maintain a healthy lifestyle, combatting many of the issues that the current digital era is creating. With more community centers, businesses, and more adding commercial play structures to their spaces, it’s possible that kids will be able to stay healthier well into the future.