indoor playground

Business Benefits of an Indoor Playground

April 21, 2019

The local fast food restaurants have an indoor playground. The popular gym in town has an indoor playground. The church down the street has an indoor playground. The daily daycare now has more than just dinosaur toys and books, they too have invested in the idea of commercial indoor playground equipment.


The benefits abound for purchasing and building indoor playground equipment for sale. The long-term benefits of offering an indoor playground could increase sales while simultaneously encouraging positive development in young children.


Commercial Indoor Playground Benefits

  1. Increased Sales: What child doesn’t want to eat lunch and then burn off their energy running around? The bright colors, twisting tubes, and crisscrossed monkey bars scream for children’s attention. A commercial indoor jungle gym is a way to attract more customers inside to boost business sales. The indoor playground tailors the business’ services to a kid friendly audience. Kids are likely to remember the business more and when it is their turn to pick the restaurant they want to eat lunch from, they are likely to choose one with an indoor playground over a boring sit-down lunch restaurant.
  2. Free Entertaining Childcare: Implementing a kids indoor play structure in your business is an enticing option to parents. For active parents trying to raise kids and conquer the world, an indoor playground in a gym allows parents to workout while their kids are safely distracted running up and down jungle gyms. One-third of families spend about 20% of their income on childcare, but an indoor playground can let parents bring their children with them. In a restaurant setting, an indoor playground allows parents to spend time socializing with each other while their bundles of energy are entertained with one another instead of impatiently waiting for their parents to finish talking.
  3. Child Development: According to the American Heart Association, kids over the age of two should participate in an hour of physical activity each day. Two-thirds of parents worry electronic devices are taking over their children’s minds by storm. Commercial indoor playgrounds offer a healthy alternative for children and provide a variety of opportunities to use several motor skills. Studies suggest this helps curb limited brain development. says there are three important elements to childhood fitness: endurance, strength, and flexibility.
    Endurance: Playgrounds build up endurance by allowing plenty of room for kids to run from slide to slide. This engages aerobic activity that helps keep the heart and lungs healthy.
    • Strength: Many playgrounds require kids to latch on to handles and pull themselves up equipment. Others have monkey bars that require strength to navigate. Playgrounds offer a variety of options for twisting and turning that strengthen muscles not used when staring at a TV screen.
    • Flexibility: The same twisting and turning used for muscle building also improves flexibility. Playgrounds require reaching and stretching which expands and builds a child’s range of motion.


Indoor playground equipment could be just what your business needs to promote its services and encourage the next generation’s physical development.