How To Start a Children’s Activity Center

How To Start a Children’s Activity Center

January 28, 2021

Children’s activity centers are often found in businesses such as restaurants, shopping centers, and museums. They are a great fit since those are places both adults and children want to be. An activity center can also stand alone as a business itself. Either way, parents flock to them with busy children who need to let off some steam. Are you thinking about starting a children’s activity center? There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing how to start a children’s activity center.


Before you begin to plan too far ahead, you’ll need to know where the indoor activity center is going to be. If it is going to be a part of an established business, you’ll need to determine the square footage you need before going any further. If it is a new business with its own building, then a commercial real estate company may be helpful. If you decide to be part of an indoor playground franchise, you’ll have support to help you choose the location.

License and Insurance

Now that you have the location, an indoor playground license is necessary, so you’re able to do everything legally. Contact the city to see what you need to do for your particular area.

The license for your indoor playground may require a certain amount of insurance, and you should absolutely consult with an agent to make sure you have the proper coverage if an injury should occur at the center or if there is damage to equipment or the building.

Plan and Design

Let the fun begin! There’s a lot to know about customizing a playground, but the process should be fun. To start an indoor playground business, there is a need to think a bit like a child. As design plans begin, imagine being a child at different ages and sizes to help determine what you need. Ask your own children, friends, and other parents for their input as to what they would like to see. Then choose an indoor play structure specialist to assist in the planning.

With the location set, licenses in hand, and a design ready to go, it is time to purchase indoor playground equipment and whatever else your activity center calls for.

Installation and Maintenance

Once you have the equipment, there’s one more step before you can enjoy all your hard work—it’s time for your indoor playground to be installed! Professional installation instead of DIY is wise to be sure everything is safe. Once professionals properly install everything, regular maintenance of the equipment will help it to last longer and keep visitors safe. Have a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly checklist for maintenance.

Indoor playground businesses have never been more popular. Recently, parents have become more aware of the risks of younger children spending too much time sitting and not enough moving. Giving them an option for indoor activity during inclement weather and a place children want to come to makes activity centers a worthwhile investment. Explore our blogs to learn more about the benefits of children activity centers and indoor playgrounds.

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