indoor playground for kids

How To Create an Indoor Playground For Kids

November 27, 2019

Adding an indoor playground can help your business attract families and boost your revenue. Play areas give parents the opportunity to spend more time browsing and shopping. With childhood obesity rates at 18.5% nationally, you’ll also help parents give their children an opportunity to get more exercise and get away from the computer and TV screens. If you own a business that is family-oriented, then you will want to consider building an indoor playground to provide more value for your customers. Here is what you need to know to create an indoor playground for kids.

Benefits of an Indoor Playground For Businesses

There are several benefits to owning an indoor playground for kids. In areas where there are large numbers of kids and parents have extra money to spend, these commercial indoor play structures can be incredibly profitable. If parents can stay longer at your business and have a fun time, they will most likely keep returning to your business. You can set yourself apart from your competitors by offering something that they don’t have. You can also customize the indoor playground with your company colors and logo to build brand loyalty.

How to Start an Indoor Playground For Kids

The first thing you will need to do is market research. You will want to know how many kids are in your business area. Find out everything you can about your customers such as their age, income, and what they like to spend their money on. You can use social media, online analytics tools, or a market research company to help you find this information. You will also want to research your competitors. Find out what they are offering and charging and determine how you can offer something different that is both unique and exciting.

Design a Custom Playground

The overall look of your indoor playground will be determined largely by your budget and the amount of available space you have. When thinking about space, you will also need to have enough space around the play area for food and bathroom areas as well as seating. Your play area should also have high ceilings and cheerfully bright color design or a fun theme. Keep the playground consistent with the color style and scheme of your existing business. The indoor play equipment you choose should be things kids love like inflatable bouncers, tunnels, trampolines, and climbing structures.

Get Necessary Business Licenses

You will need to know what your state laws require for any business licenses or childcare permits before you install your playground. Acquiring liability insurance is also a necessity if you don’t have it already. The two business licenses will need to have is a Doing Business As license for the use of your company name and a general business license for tax purposes. You may also need a food-handling license if you plan to offer concessions. To find out what licenses you will need, you can contact your state officials for this information.

Installing Your Playground

You can search online for indoor playground equipment for sale. Many of the companies will come and install the commercial indoor play structures for you in typically less than 2 weeks. The cost will depend on what equipment you choose. Plan to spend around $110 per square meter for two-level indoor playgrounds. The most expensive multi-level kids indoor play structures can generally cost up to $400 per square meter.

Having an indoor playground for kids can be fun and profitable for your business. Families can spend more time relaxing and shopping at your location, which can mean increased revenues. The process for creating an indoor playground is also simple and affordable. Investing in this equipment can pay off in the long run. You’ll be able to brand your business as a place where people want to go and have a good time, which means they will be coming back again for more of what you have to offer.