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6 Reasons Why Indoor Playgrounds Are Better than Outdoor Playgrounds

November 7, 2019

Do your kids spend all winter indoors because it’s chilly outdoors? Is your outdoor playground covered with ice? Do you live in a congested urban setting with limited outdoor spaces? Worry no more! Indoor playgrounds and kids indoor play structure units can provide your kids with ample and safe playing areas. Read on to get insight into how indoor playgrounds are better complements for outdoor playgrounds.

Why is playtime important for children?

Playtime is crucial for proper child development and growth. Traditional wisdom and science have proven that children need regular playtime to develop their physical, cognitive, and social skills. Children may have no preference when it comes to choosing between outdoor and indoor play areas.

But as a parent or guardian, it’s prudent to make a wise choice on the issue based on facts about security, weather, and convenience. Here is an outline of how and why indoor playgrounds are better than outdoor playgrounds.

Why are indoor playgrounds more preferable than outdoor playgrounds?

Indoor Playgrounds Are Usable All Year Round

Unlike outdoor playgrounds, indoor playgrounds can get used at any time of the year and during all seasons. Outdoor playgrounds may be inaccessible to children during winter seasons because most outdoor playground equipment often gets covered in ice. Also, children who develop allergies and vulnerabilities to conditions such as flu, pneumonia, and bronchitis may get hindered from playing outdoors during the cold winter season.

For such children, indoor playgrounds provide a perfect solution because, with proper air conditioning, your kids can find a warm and cozy play area.

Indoor Playgrounds Are Safe

Any kids indoor play structure that has high elevation often gets equipped with guardrails. The indoor playground also has tumble mats, ball pits, and cushions to protect your kids. With all these safety accessories, there are low chances of your child getting injured.

Better Sanitation

If you’re worried about sanitation, indoor playgrounds are more sanitary when compared to outdoor playgrounds, which are accessible to all passersby. Unlike outdoor playgrounds, which can get accessed by all neighborhood pets and passersby, indoor playgrounds are only accessible to a few people because you restrict access. As such, the chances of germs spreading are minimal.

Also, indoor playgrounds are often cleaned and protected from winds and storm-water. These two elements may carry germs on to the playgrounds in open spaces.

Limited Damage And Vandalism

If you lock your indoor playground and keep it secure, there is little likelihood of any kids indoor play structure getting damaged or vandalized. A few undisciplined kids or teenagers in the neighborhood, can vandalize and damage your outdoor playground and render it unusable. It’s challenging if not impossible, to guard your outdoor playground at all times.

Unlike indoor playgrounds, this challenge makes your outdoor playground vulnerable to all kinds of damage.

Ideal For Areas With Limited Outdoor Spaces

Do you live in a condo in an urban setting with limited outdoor spaces? Then having an outdoor playground may be a dream, which can never come to fruition. But if you have enough room indoors, you can equip such indoor spaces with proper indoor soft play equipment and make indoor playgrounds.

Confined Areas That Ease Supervision

An indoor playground gets set in a confined area, which makes it easy for you to track and supervise your kids while they play. Unlike the outdoor open spaces where kids may run off into the neighborhood or adjacent properties, you can always be sure that your kids are safe and easy to supervise within a lockable indoor playground.

Many children spend lots of hours living a sedentary lifestyle. These kids watch too much television and play video games on electronic devices. Such problems worry approximately two-thirds of the parents. If you’re one of these parents, then try and get at least a kids indoor play structure or a commercial indoor jungle gym to keep your children busy. Dedicated playtime is suitable for their mental and physical health.