How To Clean an Indoor Inflatable Trampoline

How To Clean an Indoor Inflatable Trampoline

October 25, 2021

Trampolines are a kid magnet, making them the perfect activity at a birthday party, BBQ, or just having a fun afternoon! However, it’s crucial to keep trampolines in pristine condition whenever possible. Hundreds of children utilize trampolines, making them the breeding ground for bacteria. As a business professional, you must know how to clean an indoor inflatable trampoline. Here at Go PlaySystems, we want to ensure fun as well as safety for all!


To begin cleaning the trampoline, you must inspect it thoroughly to ensure you take proper precautions. Closely examining your indoor trampoline will enable you to see any signs of wear and tear or any other damage.

If your trampoline is damaged, report the damage and make sure to take care of it before you start the cleaning process. Additionally, if your trampoline has irreparable damage, you can replace it by checking online for an air trampoline for sale. Don’t stop the fun for one little tear!


After you’ve inspected the indoor inflatable trampoline, be sure to vacuum each area to remove crumbs and any foreign objects from the space.

Inflatable trampolines tend to contain deep crevices that may be hard to get into; be sure to be thorough and patient when vacuuming the play area.


The most important step to take when cleaning your indoor trampoline is to disinfect the entire trampoline from top to bottom. Kids don’t just stay in one spot during playtime! You must clean both the inside and the outside of the space to ensure all germs and bacteria are removed.

You can use cleaning solutions like Lysol, Simple Green, or other disinfectants; just be sure to dilute these chemicals before spraying the surface to avoid damaging the materials. It would be best if you manually wipe down the entire inflatable with your disinfectant to cover all areas of the trampoline.

If your inflatable has a slide attached to it, try using lubricant wax like ArmorAll or Pledge to maintain the “slippery” effect!

Now that you understand how to clean an indoor inflatable trampoline, be sure to perform your cleaning routine after each use to offer safe and fun service for each child!