commercial indoor jungle gym

Factors To Consider When Buying a Commercial Indoor Jungle Gym

July 7, 2020

Children are thrilled by the indoor playgrounds and they can’t wait to jump and play in one. Their delight is for a good reason as commercial indoor jungle gym stimulates kids both mentally and physically. This is because indoor playgrounds are packed with indoor soft play equipment, and kids indoor play structure. You cannot blame the kids for their wild love for commercial indoor jungle gym — the designers and manufacturers do a bang-up job.

What It Takes to Build a Playground

Most of the established family entertainment centers with some of the best commercial indoor playgrounds will attest to the fact that it is not easy to set up an indoor playground. All the same, it is not impossible to set up a successful commercial indoor playground. Before you swing into action and go shopping for a commercial indoor jungle gym for your playground, you should consider the following factors.

1. The Manufacturers of the Commercial Indoor Jungle Gym

Do not click buy on the first indoor playground equipment for sale ad that you find on the internet. It is important to take your time and thoroughly evaluate the manufacturer. Find out the reputation of the manufacturer from your peers in the industry who may have purchased indoor playground equipment from them. If the seller walks the talk, then you will find positive reviews and recommendations. If that is not the case, then you probably do not want to risk your hard-earned capital to buy a substandard commercial indoor jungle gym.

2. The Quality of Materials Used

Commercial indoor play structures are designed to last long even under heavy usage. Therefore, you should scrutinize the quality of the construction materials used. These include pipes, clamps, netting, collars, plastics, vinyl, and foam. You must get the right materials because they determine the safety of your commercial indoor jungle gym. For instance, you must utilize quality foam with the right thickness volume. Failure to that, kids might get hurt when jumping around in the jungle gym, and this is the last thing you want. The individual quality of the material used to construct the commercial indoor jungle gym will determine the overall quality of the playground.

3. Design, Size, and Shape

Today there are hundreds of commercial indoor jungle gym designs to choose from. Before settling on one design, you need to tick a few boxes. Will the jungle gym fit in your playground space? Is the design theme relevant to your target customers? You want the size and design that will not only fit in the space you have allocated for your indoor playground but also accommodate the maximum number of children. Additionally, you should also select the design that is attractive to the children. For instance, some commercial indoor jungle gyms are designed in the shape of dinosaurs or jumbos. Keep the design creative so that children will be fascinated and immediately want to jump into the jungle gym.

Maintaining Your Commercial Indoor Jungle Gym.

After successfully setting up your commercial indoor playground, all you have to do is routine maintenance. Ensure that the structure is carefully cleaned every morning before the start of business. This eliminates dust and other sand particles that accumulate as the kids are playing. If you neglect your jungle gym and dust bunnies accumulate, it will be a daunting task to clean up at once and continue with the day’s business. Additionally, get rid of any sharp objects that may puncture the vinyl decks. When cleaning the jungle gym, avoid using chemicals or hard-scented soaps as a child could be allergic to one of them.

Today, parents are looking for the perfect indoor commercial playgrounds to get their children off electronic devices as two-thirds worry that their children spend too much time on their devices. Commercial indoor jungle gyms keep the kids engaged and active. After a day’s play at a commercial indoor playground, a child is well-exercised, happy, and eager to come back the next day.