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3 Tips For Establishing an Indoor Playground

July 27, 2020

Parents spend around 20% of their income on childcare on average. Businesses that have indoor playgrounds give parents the ability to keep their children occupied without having to hire a daycare or babysitter. As a result, these businesses can experience greater foot traffic and increased revenue while bolstering the physical and social development of children in the community. Here are three tips for establishing an indoor playground for your business.

Plan Your Indoor Playground

Before you build a playground for your business, you may want to develop a concrete plan for the design of your commercial indoor playground. You may need to check with your local and state regulations to find out what regulations apply and what permits may be needed. Consult with your local health department about any mandated health requirements and rules. Speak with a lawyer about the need for liability protection and obtain the necessary insurance coverage.

Design Your Indoor Playground

Before your start purchasing commercial indoor playground equipment, you may want to consider how you want the indoor playground to look. Do you just want to have indoor soft play equipment or include other activities along with them? You may want to include activities in your kids indoor playground structure design such as rock climbing, snack bars, or video games.

Get the Best Playground Kit Manufacturer

Once all your plans are fully established, it’s time to select an efficient manufacturer of playground kits. These companies offer indoor playground equipment for sale to help your plans come to life. When looking for a company to purchase from, choose a manufacturer who passes safety standards for their equipment and has a solid reputation.

Building an indoor playground takes a lot of work, but it can be rewarding for both your business and your customers. Take your time to plan out the details of your new venture and make sure you follow all safety and legal requirements. Families in your community will appreciate your efforts and may reward your business by becoming loyal customers. If you’re interested in purchasing commercial indoor play structures, contact our professionals at Go Play Systems today.