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Easy Ways To Save On Child Care

January 16, 2019

It’s no secret that having a child and taking care of a child can be incredibly expensive. Almost one-third of families spend at least 20% of their total household income on child care, and that’s without considering all the various other expenses in having a child in the family. If child care is taking its toll on your living costs, here are a few ways to help keep your kids responsibly entertained and taken care of for less.

  • All in the family: For parents with families in the nearby area, relatives can be incredibly helpful when it comes to finding affordable childcare. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and even family friends can be great resources for assisting in care. Of course, this only works for those with family nearby.
  • Technology in moderation: Sometimes, you just need a little bit of time to focus on your own work or chores without your kids interrupting you. For these times, a little bit of screen time isn’t too harmful. Just make sure technology is used in moderation; kids need to stay physically active.
  • After-school programs: Schedules don’t always line up between school and work. In these cases, see what after-school programs exist in your child’s school. These programs can help kids make friends and keep them entertained while you finish up your work day. However, this might not always work for every family; if your kids aren’t in school yet or your school doesn’t have programs available when you need them, you might need to look elsewhere.
  • Commercial indoor playground equipment: Businesses with commercial indoor playground equipment can help families everywhere find affordable child care. Parents can get business done or just take a few minutes of peace and quiet while kids play on the commercial indoor jungle gym. Because most of these structures are available for free use in businesses, parents in need of child care can bring their kids to these businesses while they get errands taken care of.

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