Tips for Establishing a Supervision Plan for Your Playground

Tips for Establishing a Supervision Plan for Your Playground

July 10, 2023

As the new school year approaches, schools and daycare centers must establish a playground supervision plan. A supervision plan is a set of guidelines and rules that ensure children’s safety while playing outside.

Playgrounds can be one of the most fun and exciting places for children to play, but when supervision is lacking, accidents can happen. Let’s look at some practical tips for establishing a supervision plan for your playground.

Define the Areas That Need Supervision

First and foremost, you need to determine which playground areas require supervision. Identify high-risk areas, such as climbing structures and slides, areas with heavy traffic, and areas with limited sight lines. Once you have identified these high-risk areas, you can focus your supervision efforts on them.

Determine the Number of Supervisors Needed

The number of supervisors required for your playground depends on the size of the playground and the number of children playing. As a rule, there should be at least one supervisor for every 10 to 15 children. You should also consider having additional supervisors if the playground has high-risk areas.

Train Your Supervisors

Once you have determined the number of supervisors needed, provide them with proper training. Training can include first aid, playground safety guidelines, and supervision techniques. It is essential to ensure that all supervisors understand and follow the rules and guidelines of the playground.

Establish Clear Playground Rules

Establishing clear playground rules for children that are easy to understand is crucial to ensuring their safety while playing. Children should know how to behave on the playground and what activities are allowed.

Implement a Rotation System

Supervisors should rotate every 15 to 30 minutes to keep them alert and focused. Implementing a rotation system ensures that one supervisor does not become overworked or distracted. It also allows supervisors to focus on high-risk areas at different times of the day, ensuring proper supervision throughout the playground.

Supervising a playground is not easy, but it is essential to ensure children’s safety while they’re playing. By defining specific areas that need supervision, determining the number of supervisors needed, training your supervisors, establishing clear playground rules, and implementing a rotation system, you can establish a successful supervision plan for your playground. With a well-established supervision plan, children can have fun and enjoy themselves with minimal risk of injuries or accidents.

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