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Tips For Choosing Indoor Play Structures For Daycares

January 29, 2020

Daycares need to be highly selective when providing indoor play equipment. Safety is an important factor but they also need to provide a fun learning environment. What should daycares consider when planning their designs and layouts? Here are tips for choosing indoor play structures for sale for daycares.

Keep It Age Appropriate

Daycares need to consider what commercial indoor playground equipment is the most appropriate for the children in their facilities. Understanding the stages of development is key to buying the proper indoor play structures for sale. Children that are under the age of one will need to build their motor skills, balance, and strength. Those that are between the ages of two to five years old need to have indoor playgrounds that challenge their creativity and imagination.

Consider having playground equipment such as swings with bucket seats, single file step ladders, and spring rockers for toddlers. Preschool children will enjoy things like ramps, rung ladders, and slides. Climbing equipment, sliding poles, and seesaws are excellent choices for grade school children. Studies show children need a variety of gross motor activities during their first six years.

Consider Safety Standards

Kids can be highly energetic which can increase their chances of getting hurt, even with indoor soft play equipment. While injuries can’t always be avoided, there are things you can do to help prevent them. When choosing a site for your kids’ indoor play structure, make sure there are no hazardous objects nearby that children could run into and harm themselves. Highly active areas should be separated from quieter activities. Make sure that movable playground equipment such as swings are kept to the side with plenty of space.

Be sure to purchase your equipment from a reputable company you can trust. Research companies carefully and check reviews online for any potential complaints. Routinely inspect your indoor playground for signs of damage and make any necessary repairs. Get rid of any equipment that becomes outdated. Clean indoor playground equipment daily to prevent the spread of germs and cover outdoor sandboxes at night to keep animals out.

Selecting the right indoor play structures for sale for your daycare can take a bit of work but it’s worth it. Safety is the utmost priority for creating a fun place for the children you serve on a daily basis. They’ll be able to laugh, play, and explore while creating memories that can last them a lifetime.