little girl playing on purple slide

Safety Tips You Should Require Indoor Playground Users to Follow

May 14, 2018

The safety of children is extremely important in any situation. But it’s even more important when they’re doing things like playing on commercial indoor playground equipment. Here are a few safety tips you should require the indoor playground users to follow.

Adult Supervision is Necessary

Whenever a child is using the playground, there must be a parent or guardian present. Kids can sometimes get a little out of control when they’re playing, so having an adult around will ensure that they’re playing and staying safe. If any accidents occurred, an adult would be around to take care of the situation.

Children Should Only Play on Equipment Appropriate for Their Age

When you’re coming up with indoor playground ideas, you might decide to have different areas for different ages. For instance, your indoor playground ideas may involve a ball pit for children ages five and older. Your other playground ideas may include a slide for much younger children. If a nine-year-old decides to go down a slide made for a three-year-old, they’re setting themselves up for potential injuries.

No Pushing, No Shoving

When children use the playground, they should always take steps toward being safe. This means no pushing, no shoving, waiting your turn, and no running. If the playground has swings, children must sit on them properly instead of monkeying around. Any child who doesn’t follow these rules should be asked to leave.

Even though there are safety rules for playground users, there is also a rule for playground owners. You should check your playground equipment periodically to make sure it’s in good shape. While your playground is built to last, malfunctions can happen. Even indoor playground equipment requires regular maintenance! If you notice any issues, reach out to your commercial indoor jungle gym provider immediately for a quick fix.

About one-third of families spend at least 20% of their household income on childcare. Businesses with indoor playgrounds allow parents to bring kids along and keep them occupied without the need for a babysitter or daycare service. If your business has an indoor playground, make sure you’re taking the proper safety steps.