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Buy Indoor Playground Equipment GPS193 -(Indoor Playsystem Size) 24 ft. H x 40 ft. W x 28 ft.

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Indoor Playground GPS193 is a custom made indoor softplay unit for children ages three to twelve.. The indoor playsystem measures 40 ft. wide by 24 ft. high and a length of 28 ft. The minimum room space required for this indoor playground is approximately 46 ft. room width with a 26 ft. ceiling and 34 ft. room length. Large Size Indoor Playground. This playground is suitable to fit in a building or warehouse with a high ceiling.

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Width: 40 feet Height: 24 feet Length: 28 feet Age Range: 3 - 12 Category: Tag:


Popular Indoor Playground for FEC’s and Churches. 2d-3d Theming available