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Indoor Playground GPS211 is a custom indoor playsystem for children three to twelve years of age. The softplay unit measures 20 ft. wide by 10 ft. high and a length of 16 ft. The minimum room space required for this children’s play equipment is approximately 26 ft. room width with a 12 ft. ceiling and 22 ft. room length. Small Size Indoor Playground.

The GPS211 model offers extensive features designed to stimulate children’s physical and cognitive development. Its compact size perfectly fits into smaller spaces, making it ideal for family entertainment centers, daycare facilities, and even homes with large play areas. This small indoor jungle gym includes various components, such as slides, tunnels, bridges, and climbing areas, that encourage active play and adventure.

The design focuses on safety, featuring soft padding and rounded corners to minimize the risk of injuries and provide parents and caregivers peace of mind while children explore and enjoy. The vibrant colors and themes can be customized to match any decor or preference, making this playground a visually appealing addition to any indoor environment. This indoor mini playground is an investment in fun, fostering social interactions, physical activity, and creativity among kids in a safe and controlled environment.

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