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Buy Indoor Playground Equipment GPS874 – 14 ft. H x 14 ft. W 12 ft.


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Introducing the GPS874 Indoor Playground System, an innovative play space designed for rooms with high ceilings and access to a second floor. This unique structure, measuring 14 ft. H x 14 ft. W x 12 ft., is crafted for ultimate excitement without taking up a lot of room. The centerpiece is a two-story spiral slide that starts at the second floor and winds its way down starting with an entrance through the wall, providing a thrilling descent that’s bound to captivate the adventurous spirit. But the fun doesn’t stop there; children can climb back up via a cushioned passage, only to discover a secret way back to the slide entrance. With the GPS874, every playtime is a new adventure, as kids explore hidden paths and enjoy endless twists and turns. It’s more than a playground; it’s an imaginative journey, awaiting exploration!

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