Indoor Playgrounds With Two-Seat Drift Karts

We offer indoor playgrounds with two-seat drift karts so that kids can star in their own version of Mario Kart (minus the banana peels and Rainbow Road!). Our two-seater go-karts have a drifting option that creates a real street-racing feel. It’s a terrific revenue-generating stream for your indoor playground business.

Specifically designed for amusement venues, our battery-powered go-karts are made to last. Equipped with a powerful 780W brushed motor, Eurogames battery operated Go Karts games are specially designed for amusement venues like Family Fun Centers and Amusement Parks. Featuring accelerator and brake pedals, our one-seater or two-seater Go Kart games are supplied with disc brakes and can do up to 12 mph (20 km/h) with 1 or 2 speeds.

Their motor-wheel-engine offers superior durability and minimal maintenance together with enhanced safety; with their remarkable battery life they can be powered up to 6 hours. Eurogame Go Karts can run outdoor or indoor on a concrete or asphalt track and any other smooth surface.

Eurogames Go Karts are 100% made in Italy according to the highest safety and quality standards. They are the perfect attraction for children over 6 years of age and they deliver a lot of fun in a non-extreme racing environment.

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    Buy Indoor Playground Equipment GPS509 -(Indoor Playsystem Size) 22 ft. H x 132 ft. W x 44 ft.

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    Buy Indoor Playground Equipment GPS510 -(Indoor Playsystem Size) 22 ft. H x 132 ft. W x 44 ft.

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