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Interactive Indoor Playground Theming

The sky is no longer the limit with interactive indoor playground theming when using cutting edge lighting, video , video games and interactive apps played directly on flat surfaces and more.  Our interactive partners have helped paved the way for our new generation of indoor playground systems, integrated with technology and effects that are truly awe inspiring.  Using projected motion, screens and software technology, we are pushing the indoor playground industry forward.

Imagine an interactive indoor playground experience so immersive that it will keep your customers coming back again and again. What is now possible with video wall applications and games will engage the entire family in interactive play.  With the addition of a custom smartphone app, the engagement can continue long after the customer’s first visit.

For examples, customers can use their smartphone to add photos to your “smart wall.”  Then can then resize, adjust and flick them across the room.  Now you have a customer with your app installed on their phone.  The app will remind them to come back for a visit, showing them photos of the great time they had with their children and other marketing techniques, all thanks to interactive indoor playground theming!

Video projection truly brings the playground to life.  Once a graphic theme has been decided on, the interactive theming team will step in to add video screens and surfaces, projection materials and lighting effects throughout the project.

All working together, an indoor playground system’s colors, graphic theming, and interactive theming adds value and intrigue to your place of business.

Interactive Elements

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