How To Install Indoor Playground Equipment

How To Install Indoor Playground Equipment

May 7, 2021

Install indoor playground equipment correctly from the beginning for greater safety, happier families and customers, and more years of use as a thriving business. Follow our suggested steps as a guideline to making your indoor playground a reality.

Professional or DIY Installation

Your first step is deciding who will install the indoor playground—will you seek the help of a professional or install it yourself along with a few friends?

In all seriousness, this decision depends on how big of a playground you are installing and whether you are even interested in installing it yourself.

If you are not opting for professional installation, it’s helpful to know the best order in which to install each part of the play system. Let’s go over that.

The Iron Frame

The iron frame is like the skeleton of the whole activity center; as such, it must be built first.

Every indoor playground is different, but each should begin by laying out the mat for padding, then building on top of it. Use the map and assembly instructions that came with your playground package to ensure you put everything together correctly.

It’s helpful to separate the iron parts into piles of matching pieces to make things easier.

Of course, it’s best to start with the bottom of the frame and work your way up. If any bridges are part of the setup, add them after you’ve completed the main frame.

Soft Play Areas and Padding

After you have built the frame, it’s time to pad what needs to be padded. Cover iron bars and add any soft play areas.


If you’ve chosen a trampoline as a part of your indoor playground, be prepared for a successful business and thrilled children. Kids love to bounce on trampolines.

The trampoline is a good project to take on after you have built and covered the iron frame. Pulling the trampoline net to all four corners of its frame takes some muscle, so now is the time to ask for extra help.

Secure the net with the included springs, then cover the springs with the trampoline padding.

Tube Slides and Tunnels

Most indoor playground systems include some tube slides or tunnels. They keep kids moving and are a lot of fun.

Both are attached using a board that is attached to the system first. Then, the tubes or tunnels are assembled and finally attached to another board at the end.

Ball Pit

What is an indoor playground without a ball pit? Build the ball pit by following the instructions of the manufacturer. Usually, each padded wall of the pit is marked for easy assembly.

We’ve discussed the most common pieces when installing indoor playground equipment. Each playground is different, which is what makes them so fun. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when assembling a playground on your own. However, for the safest and easiest route, contact a professional indoor playground equipment installer.

Go Play Systems is happy to answer your indoor playground equipment questions. We offer commercial playground installation and are passionate about what we do. We’d love to help make your vision of an activity center come true. Contact us for more information.