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How to Encourage an Active Lifestyle for Your Kids

June 6, 2019

With the national childhood obesity rate nearing 20%, and many children not reaching the Sports and Fitness Industry Association’s minimum standards for a healthy lifestyle, finding ways to keep children fit and active is more important than ever. By engaging in a physical activity that burns a high number of calories for 25 minutes just three times a week, this level can be reached, but a lot of kids are struggling to get there.

Fortunately, there are ways to encourage exercise and physical activity for your child. Check out some tips below, then work with us to establish some commercial indoor playground equipment in your business, church, or neighborhood youth center. This is one step that can go a long way for countless kids.

Turn off Electronics

There is no doubt that there are endless ways to stay engaged with your phone, tablet, or computer. Between social media sites, new videos being posted on an endless line of platforms, texting, gaming apps, and more, one could easily spend hours staring at a screen.

Unfortunately, all that time looking at a device is time that a child could be spending outdoors or engaging in a fun game with friends. In fact, around 66% of parents worry about their children experiencing too much screen time.

Limiting phone time or cutting back on video games is never a bad choice, no matter how much your child may initially protest. Set boundaries, stick with them, and you will be surprised at how quickly your kiddo gets moving to cure their boredom.

Don’t Let Cold Weather Win

Wintertime blues getting you down? Movies and television shows are not the only way to pass the time. Try playing Simon Says, throwing a dance party, having a jumping competition, or you could even check out some commercial indoor playground equipment at one of your local businesses or restaurants.

Really feeling adventurous? Bundle up, trek outdoors, and go sledding, build a snowman, or construct a snow fort. Don’t give yourself or your kids any excuses. There are lots of ways to get that energy out.

Plan Family Activities

Whether it is hiking some trails at a local park, going for a walk around town, or even playing on some commercial indoor playground equipment during colder times of year, engaging in something enjoyable and physical as a group is never a bad idea. This gives your children the ability to follow your lead and see the fun side of staying active and fit.

One study followed over 1,000 families, each of which had an activity tracker. Results showed that, when parents engaged in physical activity, the children were prone to do so, too. Lead by example and set up some family time today.

Encourage Your Kids

Even if they resist at first, keep encouraging your children to stay fit and active, and stress the importance of it, too. Physically active children tend to turn into physically active adults, and by encouraging this behavior early on, you are instilling good habits that will truly last a lifetime.

There is no better time than now to start educating your little ones, so start making a plan today. It will be well worth it down the line!

Want to Encourage This in Your Business?

If you own a business and are passionate about encouraging children to live their best lives, considering investing in some commercial indoor playground equipment today. Indoor playgrounds can make a huge impact on the life of a young person, giving them a great outlet to engage with other kids and stay active at the same time.

If you are ready to learn more about an indoor playground for kids, contact our team today. We would love to help you out soon.