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How Installing an Indoor Playground Can Lead to Happier, Healthier Children

August 13, 2019

As a society, we acknowledge the importance of regular exercise, both for adults and children alike. However, the rise of conditions such as obesity show that our institutions are failing to promote regular exercise that engage children in fun, physical activities. While there are many ways to go about solving this problem, both through education and nutrition, the promotion of fun exercise settings is a major component that no recreation facility should neglect. To that end, indoor playgrounds are a great way to promote healthy exercise habits that are appealing to children of all ages. In this article, we will look at some of the ways indoor playgrounds are making exercise fun again.


When you look at the data surrounding the lack of exercise in American children, it is quite shocking. According to a recommendation by The American Heart Association, any child over the age of two should engage in at least one hour of moderate physical activity per day. Sadly, most children do not reach this number. In part, this is because exercise is often pitched as a mundane obligation rather than an enriching, exciting activity. As a result, American children are at a high risk for a number of negative health consequences such as obesity and diabetes, conditions that result from a lack of physical activity and regular movement. Indoor playgrounds represent one major way that your facility can participate in the fight against obesity and poor health in the younger generation. Making exercise a fun, lighthearted activity that kids enjoy every day is a great way to reverse the trend of bad health that comes about from a lack of routine movement. Now more than ever, it’s important to ensure that children get the exercise they require to grow into happy, healthy adults. Indoor playground equipment is an excellent way to do this within your facility.


You might be asking why a commercial indoor playground is so appealing to children. Well, for one, it offers a variety of different activities within one company setup. It’s important for exercise to be variable so that it does not get boring and repetitive. By offering a bunch of different activities within one space, you avoid monotony which can so often decrease a child’s interest in physical activity.


New commercial indoor play structures are also appealing from a design perspective. By using bright, attractive colors, you can build a structure that is as aesthetically appealing and eye-catching as it is functional and practical. Working with teams of designers, you can ensure that your structure meets all of your needs both in terms of size, function, and budget. New advancements in 3D modeling allow you to construct various designs and receive a projected 3D model that gives you more of a feel for how your indoor playground will mesh with your space and enhance the engagement of its users.


Choosing to learn about indoor playgrounds is just one way that your recreation center can demonstrate its commitment to promoting exercise and other healthy habits for children. But it’s just the beginning. Don’t put off designing and installing a new indoor playground, as it just might save some lives and put in place the habits that make children into happy, healthy adults for years to come.