5 Benefits of Installing an Indoor Playground in Your Church

5 Benefits of Installing an Indoor Playground in Your Church

August 27, 2020

Have you considered installing a commercial indoor playground for your church? The chances are that a good number of your congregation are parents with young children. What better way to keep these children grounded and interested in coming to church than having an indoor playground for kids?

Here are the benefits of installing a commercial indoor playground in your church.

1. Raise Interest in After-Church Activities

You may have noticed that most young families in your congregation leave the church immediately after service, yet they’re best suited to drive your after-church activities. What you may not have realized is that these parents are in a hurry to leave because their children will soon get bored and start bothering them. If you help them keep their kids in check, then they would stay and contribute immensely to your after-service activities. Installing a commercial indoor playground beneficial in two ways:

  • The kids will be too engaged playing in the indoor playground that they’ll not inconvenience the parents who are attending services.
  • The parents will have the peace of mind that their children are in a safe and secure indoor playground equipped with soft play equipment.

2. Attract a Younger Congregation

Before parents with young children go out of the house with their kids, their top worry is the comfort of the kids in the new environment. This is true every time they go out, even when coming to your church. If you can make the children comfortable in your church, then more young parents will be happy to join your congregation. An indoor church playground will do more than enough to keep the kids active and happy. You can guarantee that a kids indoor play structure will fully interest the children, even more than the other church activities. When you build a playground in your church, children will look forward to coming to church. Therefore, the parents will never miss a church service. More so, the parents will spread the word to other parents with children of the same age. Before long, your church will have a vibrant and youthful congregation. Adding a youth ministry play area can help them grow into future leaders of the church.

3. Promotes Fellowship Among the Children

It will be easier for you to get the kids interested in church activities if they enjoy their time. When children play together in the indoor playground, they create new friends, learn teamwork, and develop their social skills. Without a safe and secure indoor playground, there will be limited interaction among the children. Commercial playgrounds have indoor soft play equipment that minimizes the chances of a child getting hurt. With their wild nature, children will have more fun playing with the indoor playground equipment in your church. In the process, they may develop new hobbies and learn new games and tricks. Ultimately, they’ll learn how to treat, talk, and interact with fellow children. This will help them develop people skills that will come in handy in their adult life.

4. More Off-Screen Time for Children

Today, two-thirds of parents are worried that their children are exposed to excessive screen time. As such, most parents will very much welcome any constructive activity that gets their kids off the electronic devices. If you have installed an indoor church playground, more parents will be delighted to have their children try it out. A youth ministry play area can feature all kinds of healthy activities.

5. Benefits the Local Community

You may also weigh the idea of opening up your playground for the community children in your local area, maybe on weekends. You may consider it as a way of giving back to the community. If your church is deeply rooted in the local community’s affairs, it will become part of the tradition and lifestyle of the locals. Children who have good memories playing in your church’s indoor playground will most likely become part of your congregation as adults.

Installing a commercial indoor playground in your church will help you attract a youthful congregation – young parents raising children. Parents will have the peace of mind that their children are safe playing in your church’s indoor playground.

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