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4 Benefits of Indoor Playgrounds For Children

December 30, 2019

Commercial indoor play structures are not only profitable for businesses but they provide numerous benefits for parents and children as well. Having an indoor playground will create a fun environment for your customers and encourage them to stay longer. Helping your customers understand these benefits can help you increase your revenue and develop a loyal customer base for years to come. Here are four benefits that indoor playgrounds provide for children.

Physical Strength Development

Many kids today live sedentary lives due to the availability of electronic devices. Approximately less than 33% of children today reach an “active to a healthy level” classification according to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association. This classification requires at least 25 minutes of physical activities that are high calorie burning at least three times per week. Indoor playgrounds can help children grow physically stronger by encouraging them to run, jump, and swing. The various indoor playground equipment will work different muscle groups which lead to better coordination and overall balance.

Increased Social Skills

An indoor playground gives children the chance to be around other children where they can learn valuable social skills. Children can learn how to communicate with one another and resolve conflicts. This can help children develop higher levels of self-confidence, problem-solving, and leadership skills. When the weather is bad outside, they can spend time interacting with other children rather than being bored at home from being forced indoors.

Higher Creativity and Imagination Levels

Commercial indoor play equipment give children the opportunity to let their imaginations soar in a safe and secure environment. Children can express themselves through imaginative scenarios such as fighting dragons or becoming a superhero. They are able to play with other children where they can learn new creative ideas. This can help them with schoolwork and with their careers in the future.

Safety and Security

Indoor playground equipment is typically soft and well padded. This gives children the ability to play in a secure environment and reduce the risk of potential injuries. Many play areas are often monitored by supervisors who can make sure children are playing safely. You can also install CCTV cameras and first aid kits nearby to help keep children from harm.

Indoor playgrounds are a win-win for both businesses and the customers they serve. Parents get a much-needed break and children get a safe and fun environment where they can laugh and play freely. Having a kids indoor play structure may just be one of the greatest business investments you’ll ever make!