3 Ways Indoor Playgrounds Benefit Childhood Health

December 28, 2020

Obesity, even amongst children, has been a major issue in the United State of America. Organizations such as the NFL and their Play 60 movement encourage children to play outside for 60 minutes a day instead of watching TV or using their computers. Meanwhile, former first lady Michelle Obama even made it a goal to shed light on the issue. Still, the national childhood obesity rate is at 18.5%. Being active allows children to live healthier lives, and one great way to encourage activity is through a kids indoor play structure.

Here are three ways that a kids indoor play structure benefits childhood health.

They Allow Children to Stay Active During Bad Weather

For children living in regions with a cold climate, it can be difficult to get outside and be active year-round. The sun sets early, there’s ice on the ground, and it’s often too cold to enjoy being outside. This forces children to stay indoors more often, where being physically active is less possible. The same is true for anyone who faces a rainy day or inclement weather. However, an indoor playground for kids gives the opportunity to still be active indoors. Oftentimes, these playground kits are seen as commercial indoor playground equipment for arcades or joint family restaurants and playgrounds, but that isn’t what they’re limited to. They’re effective in a daycare or a home setting, too.

They Are Safer

By keeping children in an indoor playground system, you’re also keeping them safer and easier to supervise. A traditional, outdoor park allows for children to roam anywhere, including towards the road. That’s never a concern with a kids indoor play structure, though. These structures are also customizable to fit your needs and can be adjusted to be as safe as necessary for children to happily play on them. These environments also control who is in them, meaning that no one who doesn’t have any business on or around the indoor playgrounds will not have access.

They Promote Socialization

Not all health is physical. For young developing minds, mental health management is incredibly important too. Luckily, commercial indoor play structures are good for this mental development as well. They allow children to meet new friends and socialize, and an indoor playground will even make your child better mentally prepared to handle the challenges ahead. This includes how to deal with making friends at school, making sure everyone is included, and developing a healthy amount of competition amongst children.

A kids indoor play structure offers children a great opportunity to develop lifelong memories and friendships all while staying healthier than they otherwise would have been. For many businesses, such as restaurants and gyms, this makes purchasing these structures great investments. Parents have peace of mind to let their children play knowing they’re benefiting health-wise from the structure’s uses.