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3 Profitable Ways To Generate Revenue From Indoor Playgrounds

March 30, 2020

An indoor playground can be a wise investment for any business. They are attractive for parents who typically spend 20% of their income on childcare. They can bring their children to a business with indoor play equipment to keep them occupied for free while they shop and relax. How can you make the most money with an indoor playground business? Here are three profitable ways to generate revenue.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are a great way to make more money from indoor playgrounds. You can offer customized packages for parents with a wide range of themes. Children can have a blast laughing and playing while the adults relax and socialize with each other. This will help you attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Drop In Care

You can cater to parents who need a break or emergency care by providing a drop-in care service. Children can enjoy the indoor soft play equipment and parents can rest assured that they will be safe and sound while they’re away. You could provide this service as a monthly membership or on an occasional basis. Customers that would love this service would be self-employed parents who need flexible childcare options for their unique needs.


Amenities built around the play equipment can be another excellent source of generating indoor playground profits. For example, you could have a toy shop next to the play area or sell branded apparel. This can expand your reach to potential customers who aren’t living in your local area if you sell these items online as well. You’ll get the word out about your business and more people will want to check out your business when they come to visit and explore your area.

You can also expand your amenities to parents by offering them food and drink options. You can provide concession type snacks or full meal choices. This will help parents stay longer with their children by being able to take care of any hunger and thirst issues while the children are playing.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can generate revenue with your indoor playground for kids. Businesses with indoor playgrounds allow parents to bring their children and keep them occupied without the need for a babysitter or daycare service. Children are happy and entertained being able to have fun with other children and businesses maintain a healthy profit margin. It’s a win-win scenario for all!

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