3 Benefits of Indoor Playgrounds

January 8, 2018

kids indoor play structureChildren are always looking for ways to entertain themselves. In this day and age, it is not as simple as it used to be. In the good old days, you could give a child some jacks or set them loose to wander the neighborhood, and they would be entertained for hours. Not anymore.

A great way to entertain kids today, without using screens, is with indoor playgrounds! These amazing structures are a great way to keep children going all day long while at daycare, at a church service, at the doctor’s office, or even at school! Here are some awesome benefits to kids indoor play structures.

Geting Kids Off Electronics
Having kids indoor play structures will help get kids away from their electronics. According to a study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, children ages eight to 18 spend an average of 4.5 hours each day watching TV on various devices, including on their mobile phones, tablets, and on the Internet. If they are playing on a commercial indoor playground all day, they will not be spending nearly as much time on their devices. This limited screen time can have many benefits for the children.

More Exercise
Children now more than ever are less and less active. This largely is caused by an increased use of electronics. Kids are spending hours a day, as previously stated, on their devices playing videogames and watching TV. They don’t have time to exercise if they are constantly staring at their screens instead of playing. Having commercial indoor playground equipment will allow children to be able to get up, play, and leave their devices alone. Playing on kids indoor play structures is a great way for kids to exercise.

Bring Your Child to Work
Close to one-third of families spend more than 20% of their take-home income on some form of childcare. Workplaces and offices with indoor playgrounds make it easy for parents to bring kids to work and keep them occupied without the need for a babysitter or daycare. This allows parents to not only save money but also to be able to keep an eye on their kids throughout the day.

Parents are saving money, children are getting exercise and staying off of their devices. Indoor playgrounds are great for the whole family. If you’re interested in purchasing kids indoor play structures for your office, church, or health center, contact us today!